Harry's Quick Lunch

Box- Harry's Quick Lunch

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Harry's Quick Lunch Box is a collection of unique products made in Detroit and  products that represent the coolest city there is.

Skewers- set of 3- by American Skewer Company

Pistachios- 11 oz, colossal natural, lightly salted- by Germack Pistachio Company

Key Chain Bottle Opener- by Made In Detroit

Journal- Linen covered, hard bound, various bright colors- by Shinola

Coasters- Set of 4, various Detroit scenes and symbols- by Iconic Detroit

D-Style Seasoning- 4 oz seasoned salt spice mix- by Rocky's Peanut Company in glass jar by Porter Bottle Company

Licorice- Old fashioned red- by Better Made

Mug- Vintage diner stye 10 oz- by Detroit Scroll

Matches- 10 books, 65 matches per book- by Detroit Scroll

Coffee- Whole bean 8 oz, Motor City Blend, medium roast- by Detroit Roasting Plant

 More details about each product are found in the individual listing on the product page.